Elora en Plein Air





May 17 to 20, 2018

Doug Mays – Juror’s Comments May 21, 2017


I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in this year’s Elora Plein Air Festival of original art. Your creativity has allowed us to enjoy unique and interesting visual art; some of it decorative, some storytelling, some moody and some nostalgic. Today we’re seeing a wide spectrum of creativity and all quality work.


My selection of award winners is subjective on my part and my only regret is that I can’t award more prizes to many of you. Artwork not selected for award today may very well be an award winner tomorrow; I’ve seen it happen.


I judge the work based on: (1) adherence to the Holy Grail of Art -the Design Elements and the Principles of Design, (2) the selection & application of the materials and (3) the assertiveness demonstrated in the brushwork.


At the end of the day the greatest compliment I can give to anyone’s work and which ultimately guides me in my final selection is when I can say -“I wish I had painted that”.




When: May 17th to 20th, 2018

Where: Fergus Elora and surrounding countryside

For more information: elorapleinair@gmail.com


Photo credits: Anne Hobbs, Sylvia Galbraith

© Trademarks Design/Elora Arts Council

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